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The art of light – Beau McLellan

By • Nov 11th, 2008 • Category: People

The town of Loulé is famous for its artisans, so it is fitting that in addition to hosting talented leather and ceramic craftsmen, you will find Beau McClellan, the legendary sculptor and lighting designer.

Winning Red Dot Design Awards

sculptor and lighting designer Featured in a previous edition of Passion for Property, Beau is in the news again for sweeping the board at the 2007 Red Dot Design Awards, collecting four of the coveted Red Dots. The prestigious international Award ranks among the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world. In 2007 the competition received more than 7,000 submissions from 60 countries. To achieve four awards was outstanding.

Beau’s Red Dots were all won by individual examples of his new Beau for Brumberg range, designed for the German lighting manufacturer, Brumberg. They include the Bomac and Icicle ranges. Speaking of his inspiration for the Icicle lights Beau said:

“As a young boy growing up in Scotland, I was always amazed by the way light was refracted in the surface of a frozen loch, how the scratches left by the blades of an ice skate would reflect beautifully the colours of the sunset”

Rainfall Chandelier - Beau McLellanBeau’s work, however, is not limited to creating beautiful pieces for specialist manufacturers. His original and exclusive work, from cascading chandeliers to handcrafted pieces of furniture and stunning outdoor water features, can be found in some of the most discerning homes around the world.

Perhaps thanks in part to his studio’s locality, many of his beautiful pieces are here in Quinta do Lago. One chandelier uses specially coated glass to enable it to blend into its surroundings. Unlit, each tear drop resembles a mirror reflecting all it sees.

When lit with the latest LED technology, each drop of glass becomes transparent. Pure, hand ground crystals, placed with precision behind each piece of glass are frosted to catch the most subtle nuances of colour. The effect is stunning, only to be further enhanced by its colour changing ability. Like a living sculpture, the chandelier never looks the same.

An ornate balustrade makes a feature out of a staircase, a night lit sculpture brings a garden to life long after the sun has set. Or for an easily accessible example of his sculpture, head to the entrance roundabout at Loule and gaze upon the Municipal Council’s commission: the Zephyrus.

Beau’s grounding is in art, both as a sculptor and an art director in film, advertising and theatre. His move into lighting is a natural step and it is unsurprising that he is already being recognised for his lighting work by such prestigious awards as the Red Dots.

Mirroring the impact of his installations, Beau’s reputation far exceeds his Algarve location.

For more information and examples of his work, see www.beaumcclellan.com.

Creative design needs a practical knowledge of what is possible, while pushing the boundaries of what might be possible. BEAU McLELLAN

- Director - Kerstin was born in Switzerland and educated in various European countries. She joined her sister Alison in July 2005 after 15 years of selling high profile properties in and around Quinta do Lago.
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