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The architect & the entrepreneur – Vaughan and Wendy Davies

By • Dec 5th, 2008 • Category: Building a property, Companies, People, Quinta Lifestyle

Vaughan and Wendy Davies are very much part of the local community and can often be found sipping coffee or having lunch in the heart of the resort at Quinta Shopping with work associates, friends and clients.

“An appreciation of the Quinta do Lago way of life is fundamental to our success”

Their relationship with the estate is a long one

ArchitectAs a young partner in the firm of Fraser Design International, Vaughan initially visited the site with Quinta do Lago’s visionary creator, Andre Jordan, just ten years after the developer first discovered the lagoon and saw the area’s wonderful potential. One of many talented designers who have worked on the estate during its lifetime, Vaughan worked on the site’s masterplans and is still working in Quinta do Lago today, surrounded by his beautiful designs, including many luxury private villas, the Lakeside Village, as well as São Lourenço apartments and the elegant Hotel Quinta do Lago.

Many of Vaughan’s projects are managed by his wife, Wendy, as part of her Property Management Company.

“There is a harmony with what we do”, explains Wendy. “Vaughan creates the home and I try to make sure it works as one, once the owner moves in. Although not all of the properties I manage have been designed by Vaughan, many of them have been and I am able to bring my knowledge of that building, from its first designs to its life today, to my clients. Quite often if the house is sold I continue the management with the new owners because of this reason.

“I also keep in touch with many of my private clients”, adds Vaughan. “Designing and building a house is a long project, it is hard not to become friends over this period. In addition to that, many clients return to me requesting additions to their villas. This is nearly always because they have become grandparents and need a bit of extra space to accommodate visits from their growing family”.

Understanding the needs of a family is central to the thinking of Wendy and Vaughan, who have raised their own family in Portugal. The couple, who are originally from Wales, moved to Quinta do Lago from London during the 1980s. The move made sense. As one of the principle architects to the resort, Vaughan needed to spend increasing amounts of time in the Algarve. Wendy joined him and their two sons, Tod (17) and Iuean (15), were born a little after.

Architects in Quinta do Lago“Quinta do Lago is a wonderful place to live”, enthuses Vaughan. “Winter is like spring in the UK. Of course there are days of rain, but we also have amazing, bright, blue skies. I love the almond blossom in January and I am a keen, if limited, golfer and enjoy playing all the local courses”.

Understandably, Tod and Iuean’s UK friends are pretty keen too and try to visit as often as they can, relishing the freedom of the outdoor lifestyle and the opportunities to play many different sports from golf to windsurfing.

Vaughan enjoys working with natural materials, particularly stone and wood. His eye for detail is not confined to a building’s exterior; you will find his signature finesse on everything from the kitchen floor to the master bedroom’s wardrobe doors. “We will design pretty much everything our clients want us to. The only areas we don’t tend to look at are the furniture and fabrics”, he confesses.

Vaughan’s practice, Fraser & Davies Limitada, draws on a team with international expertise, hailing from Portugal, Venezuela, Greece and, of course, Wales. Their knowledge of the region and their relationships with local suppliers, from project management to builders and artisans is consummate.

Wendy’s service is expansive. Wendy Davies Lda employs a team of administrative staff, maids and maintenance engineers and organises pool and garden maintenance. Wendy’s own expertise is in managing these services and in adding her own personal touch from sourcing quality local tiles, to organising weddings and even transporting personal belongings from China! Wendy believes her brief is to support her clients’ individual needs in any way she can. Her work is recorded in each property’s log book, and may range from an annual maintenance programme of safety checks on boilers and guttering, to individual restaurant and golf course advance bookings.

If you don’t live in your villa all year round, it is reassuring to know that someone is looking after it when you are not there”, explains Wendy. “But it is more than that, too. It can be a real relief to arrive knowing that the house is warm in the winter and that there is fresh produce in the fridge, fresh flowers in the vases and all rooms are ready. When you come for a break, it’s great to know that you can relax from the moment you arrive”.

Contact Vaughan Davies under +351 289 398485or vaughan@mail.telepac.pt.

Contact Wendy under +351 289 392760or wendy.davies@mail.telepac.pt.

- Director - Kerstin was born in Switzerland and educated in various European countries. She joined her sister Alison in July 2005 after 15 years of selling high profile properties in and around Quinta do Lago.
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