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Ten things you need to know about the energy certificate

By • Jan 12th, 2009 • Category: Property News & Info

The energy certificates are a legal requirement as from January 2009 for all properties which are sold or rented. Read about what it effects and how to obtain it.

1. Why do we need these certificates?

The energy certificates are a legal requirement as from January 2009 for all properties which are sold or rented.

2. What does it entail?

The certificate takes into account: consumption, comfort, quantity and energy efficiency; also location, sun exposure, construction materials and equipment. The energy level for producing hot water  to maintain the property at a temp more than 20ºC in the winter and less than 25ºC in the summer.

3. What is it for?

The objective is to reduce energy costs, improve insulation and preserve the environment

4. What are the advantages?

On obtaining a good grade on the property A or A+ you can claim up to 10% on your IRS tax form on costs from your loan

5. What are the grades?

The grades go from A+ (excellent) to  G (lowest efficiency grade)

6. What do they cost?

Costs for obtaining this survey vary but in general are Eur 200 for a Studio/One bed apt to Eur 400 villa of 1000m2 (plus IVA) – normally can be booked within 2 weeks of requesting.

7. Who is the legal entity to issue the Certificate?

Certificate is issued by ADENE and costs 45 Eur for houses and 250 Eur for Commercial and takes up to 5 days to be issued from the date of receiving the survey.

8. What is needed for the survey to be done?

Documents required for the survey are: Land registration, Caderneta, Plans, Arquitect project (optional) and Insulation project optional

9. What if you don’t have one?

If the vendor does not have the certificate at the time of deeds he can be fined from 250-3.740 Euros. Same if when registering the rental agreement with the finance dept.

10. Who can carry these surveys out?

Any architect or engineer recognised by the Portugese Associations, ie Ordem dos Engenheiros and Ordem dos Arquitectos, as long as they are qualified to carry out such surveys. Any company legally certified to carry out these surveys which have all of a sudden popped out of the woodwork!

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2 responses to “Ten things you need to know about the energy certificate”

  1. L. Reves says:

    I have been told that as my house was built before 1951 I would not need an energy certificate. Someone else disagreed. Please could you tell me who is right?

    I have a certificate stating that I don’t need a habitation licence as the property was built before 1951.

    Many thanks,

    L. Reves

  2. Citizen X says:

    The energy cirtificate is a biligerent robery and make shift work programs by the government. I have assisted 2 inspections and I can not believe the dishonesty! I have worked in enegineering for the last 30 years and lived most of my life in a cold climate country where new construction is tested for energy enfiency and insulation and heat loss, not a legal obligation but at least done properly and honestly. Those qualified in Portugal to do the cirtification (and I say qualified with great hesitation) walk in a dweling take a few pictures check if the windows are double pane, read the Kwatt rating on the fridge press on a compuetr button to print a corbon copy of the last customer and then demand 350 euros. There is no technical information given on the cirtificate, it is a useless piece of garbage, A or B or C tells me nothing! It is like saying my can drive 100 Km but it does not tell me how much feul is required. There should be a very minimum i.e. number of BTU’s per cubic meter per person required, what is the rate of air loss or air exchange in the dweling? What is the insulation and what is it´s factor? etc.. etc.. Shame on this whole program and shame on government for yet another empty tax levied on the people. In all my years I had to come to Portugal to finally understand the true story behind Robin Hood. All the best

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