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Quinta do Lago – Location with a capital “L”

By • Apr 8th, 2009 • Category: Quinta Lifestyle

Whether you’re a child of nature or a fan of the fairway, enjoy life in Quinta do Lago – one of the most exclusive resorts in the world.

Quinta do Lago Bridge to Gigis Beach Restaurant

Quite simply Location with a capital “L”. If it’s sun, sand and championship golf, or fine dining, spas and a beautiful environment, or even just a fabulous investment opportunity you are looking for, look no further.

Quinta do Lago, or simply “Quinta” to its friends, is found in the very centre of one of Europe’s most beautiful southern Atlantic coasts. This exclusive residential estate and tourist resort is the flagship of Portugal’s tourist developments and has achieved what many developers can only dream of. In its 35 years, it has evolved into one of the world’s most highly regarded developments.

Geography, climate and a unique location predestined this 800 acre estate to attain a supreme position amongst its peers. Not only is it bordered in the south by spectacular Atlantic beaches, it benefits from the protection and natural wonders of the Ria Formosa Nature Park that runs along its south-eastern side. Its nature trails are enjoyed by joggers and walkers alike. Bird-watchers find here, in one of the most important wetland locations in Europe, 75 different species of migrating and indigenous birds – including the splendid sight of colonies of pink flamingos among them.

The Ria Formosa is an oasis in the Algarve and of great environmental value.

The profusion of this plethora of exotic flora and fauna is the result of the Algarve’s benign subtropical climate; with more than 300 days of sunshine and ocean-breeze-cooled daytime temperatures that rarely dip below 15ºC (59ºF) or above 35ºC (95ºF), it is hard to imagine a better year-round location. All within reach of most European cities with short direct flights.

golfAn oasis of great environmental value, Ecologists marvel at how a residential development such as Quinta do Lago can sit so comfortably alongside the delicate eco-system of a vast nature reserve – the Ria Formosa. It is mainly due to the ingenious and rigorously supervised master-plan, featuring strict zoning regulations which limit high-density and high-rise urbanisation while encouraging a superior infrastructure.

The Ria Formosa boasts over 40 miles of beaches; the longest stretch of protected coastline in Western Europe. The Quinta do Lago beach, which forms a part of it, is bridged from the mainland by a 320m walkway. It is as idyllic as it is romantic and offers all the top recreational activities together with an excellent level of service and safety. It is proud of its blue flag status – no mean feat, as the criteria of being awarded a much-coveted blue flag are tough, indeed.

Those lucky ones who choose to live here all year round and the others who seek holiday distraction are not limited to sun, sand and golf. An incomparable collection of other activities is on offer: tennis courts offering professional tuition, horseback riding, boating in the clear ocean waters, plus biking and jogging on the nature trails, to mention a few. There are spas, gyms and beauty salons to luxuriate in. For those who appreciate a break from physical and outdoor pursuits, an increasing number of high end boutiques and designer shops are on the doorstep: Quinta Shopping, with its understated elegance, stands as a beacon just outside the main entrance to Quinta do Lago. Fine dining on your doorstep and nightlife for all ages. And all this to be enjoyed from beautifully designed properties; villas on large private plots with pools, apartments and townhouses and a small collection of exclusive hotel and resort accommodation. It is no surprise that Quinta do Lago has attracted an impressive international clientele. The highest standards and demands are met; the development is not “glitzy”, but allows all its investors the peace and privacy they came to find.

We asked a handful of local residents what makes living in Quinta so special:

A Scottish couple, avid golfers who have owned property for almost 20 years, say: “It is an oasis. When you come through the entrance you feel in a different world. It is green and open and very civilised. We appreciate particularly the peace of mind that a 24/7 security service gives. Our social life is multi-national and active, but most of all we like the total privacy that can be had here for whoever seeks it.”

MoetOne of the longest Quinta residents, a Swiss businessman, tells us: “I first bought a plot here at the very beginning of the urbanisation because I thought the Algarve – pre-revolution – was an insider tip as far as European beach holidays were concerned. I built my first house on the golf course, started playing golf and got hooked. Hooked not only to the golfing passion, but also to the lifestyle that was beginning to mature here. When my new wife joined me here for the first time she immediately had her sight on a bigger property and she has made it her passion to expand. We now own various houses here and appreciate above all the security.” “Security of what kind?” “Physical and mental” he replies. “I feel safe. In all the years nothing has ever happened. There is a very well-functioning security service within the resort, and when we go away, we know that everything will be looked after.”

A Parque Atlantico resident from Ireland says: “Leaving the October gales behind in Dublin and arriving in Faro less than 3 hours later in bright sunshine with 25ºC is fantastic! The pristine beaches, wonderful nature reserve, great sporting facilities and top-class restaurants all combine to make Quinta a unique experience. Sometimes it is only when we travel elsewhere that we really appreciate all that we have got here.”

A German husband and wife, who own two properties, explain: “We bought our golf villa many years ago as a holiday destination, but after a couple of years we were so drawn to this life here which is so close to nature that we moved here permanently. Our children, who came every summer with grandchildren, motivated us to invest in buying another property nearby – we have never regretted it.”

An English couple use their villa for golfing holidays twice a year and rent it out for the remainder. “We love our home away from home, and while we still cannot come here to live permanently because we both work, we rent it out. The services here in Quinta do Lago are excellent and whenever we return it is ready to welcome us.”

“Clearly, Quinta do Lago is a gem and to those lucky enough to discover it, just as precious.”

- Director - Kerstin was born in Switzerland and educated in various European countries. She joined her sister Alison in July 2005 after 15 years of selling high profile properties in and around Quinta do Lago.
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