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Portugal in top 10 for retirement

By • Jan 13th, 2015 • Category: Property News & Info

Factors such as cost of living, real estate, hospitality, quality of health services, infrastructure and the weather make Portugal one of the 10 best countries in the world to retire.

“In Portugal, you can enjoy a cost of living as cheap as the more developed Latin American countries, but with all the benefits of European life,” considers the American publishing group International Living.
In addition, “English is quite understood, especially in the larger cities, which, combined with the hospitality of the Portuguese, facilitates integration and the feeling of being at home,” says the magazine.

According to the annual rate quoted by ‘Radio Renascença’, Portugal occupies the 9th position among the best countries for retirees, up six places from the classification of last year.

- Office Manager - Lina was born in Madeira but spent her formative years in England. In 1981 her family relocated to the Algarve because of its high quality of living and mild climate.
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