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Portugal increasingly attractive for foreign investment

By • Feb 25th, 2015 • Category: Company News

As reported this week by the local newspaper,The Portugal News, Portugal is more attractive to international business investment.

A recent study carried out by the Portuguese-French Chamber of Commerce of Portugal and its traditional competitors in eastern Europe and North Africa found Portugal winning out ‘in almost 100% of all situations’. President of the French Chamber of Comerce, Pierre Debourdeau, quoted ‘The attractiveness of Portugal is significantly better than a few years ago especially in terms of cost and everything done to simplify employment legislation’. The companies who have already invested in Portugal continue to do so and those who are not already here are arriving in strength.

The Chinese have also been found to have increased their investment in Portugal, namely in the Golden visa program with a total of 1,693 Golden Visas been issued since 2012 to date solely to the Chinese. The majortiy of these has been investment in the Real Estate sector.

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