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Portugal is on the A-List

By • Jun 20th, 2017 • Category: Company News

Property Algarve

Portugal is definitely on the the radar, and the country has seen an unprecedented boost in tourism over the last couple of years. But it’s not all about the sun and the sea.

Yes, the weather is lovely and Summer is officially here, but that is not the only reason why the temperature is rising this side of Europe!

Rumor has it that Madonna has just acquired a EUR 7 Million Estate in Sintra making her the last of a series of A-List celebrities that are buying property in Portugal. It all started with John Malkovich investing in the world renowned Lux Club in Lisbon, and soon Monica Bellucci, Eric Cantona, Michael Fassbender and Christian Louboutin –  just to name a few – followed suit. So what does this mean? 

A recent survey we performed showed buyers predominant reason to invest here is their comfort with safety and security. With this being a hot topic around the globe, Portugal continues to be a great destination for families – well away from current security threats. The unbeatable infrastructure also featured high on the list. World class restaurants, sport facilities and beaches and certainly not least of all the ease of access, particularly in the Algarve. The “package” caters perfectly to the needs of Europe’s well-to-do. Endless sunshine, great food and tax benefits, are all icing on the cake. When asked if the investment factor featured in the decision making process, most responded positively and were happy with the increase in historical capital values. 

Its safe to say that, with the increased attention Portugal is getting, the property market will grow exponentially. With demand on the rise and stock being increasingly hard to com by, now might be the time to start looking into investing in property! 

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