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Jardim Vista: Landscaping Iberia

By • Mar 12th, 2005 • Category: Companies, Quinta Lifestyle

From its base in the Algarve, Jardim Vista has grown to become the leading landscaping company on the iberian peninsula.

Jardim VistaWhat to make of a company that has become the largest in its field, in both Spain and Portugal, but has never advertised? That has enjoyed growth in every year of its 19 year life? That employs the latest technology to do something apparently as simple as planting plants and laying lawns? That has dozens of projects and two hundred employees, but a boss who personally oversees every new garden? That attracts high profile clients in smart locations in Spain, Portugal, Madeira and Gibraltar, yet still builds the humblest of gardens? That is known for its designs, but wins client plaudits for its quality maintenance?

Jardim Vista Algarve

These are some of the striking characteristics of Algarve-based Jardim Vista S.A., headed by founder and inspiration Richard Westcott, the driver of this highly efficient, yet highly creative landscape architecture and construction firm. A UK qualified Landscape Architect, with extensive experience in Saudi Arabia & Dubai, where he worked for the ruling Maktoum family, Richard was prompted to come to the region believing his warm climate landscaping experience could be put to good use. That – along with a Spanish wife and four young children – form the bedrock of his successful Iberian tale.

With more than 1500 projects completed, Jardim Vista’s reputation rests on a solid combination of design quality, meticulous execution and professional maintenance, vital if gardens are to achieve their design potential. Critically, all key functions are undertaken ‘in-house’. “We don’t rely on subcontractors,” says Richard. “We want full control over everything to get the quality of execution that our clients deserve. Our three year guarantee on all we do is not offered lightly,” he adds. “The quality of our service to our clients – before, during and after construction – is of paramount importance.”

Jardim Vista - GardeningAn extensive infrastructure includes departments such as Project Management, Electrical, Irrigation and Drainage, Carpentry, Project Quotation & Accounting, Personnel, Transport Management, Workshop and Vehicle Repair – essential for a business with some 100 vehicles on the road. The firm even has its own garden nurseries with over a hectare under plantation, to provide the Construction & Maintenance Departments with a constant supply of quality plants. And, at its Landscape Centre near Quinta do Lago, the firm just inaugurated a new architectural studio alongside stylish reception and meeting facilities, to improve conditions for both designers and clients.

Managing irrigation systems and optimizing water usage

Technology plays an increasing part in the firm’s business. Alongside design, accounting and management information, it is now used to manage irrigation systems to optimize water usage.

The development of these functions and capabilities has been paralleled by the employment of more graduates and professionals to head the various departments.

Any business, however well managed, still needs that creative spark, that ‘call to arms’, that will attract customers. And it is here that Richard Westcott’s creative and conceptualizing talent, backed by a highly qualified design team, provides inspiring, original and responsive solutions to customers’ landscaping needs.

Landscape Architects - Jardim VistaExpert in the use of CAD and graphic design software, and imbued with a profound aesthetic sensibility, the team produces gardens of great beauty. “Yet for all that we have done ’til now” says Richard, “I still believe there is a higher level of landscaping that we can aim for. With every project, we raise the bar another notch. The best is still to come!”

To date, there has been no job the firm has been unable to handle, however large; no technical challenge it has been unable to overcome; no garden style it has been unable to master, from the `Mediterranean’ to the ‘Exotic’, from the `Japanese’ to the `Water Garden’ (a key collaborator with the firm in this specialized field is Charlie Dimmock, internationally renowned expert and UK TV personality); no client it has been unable to accommodate, from the high end, to the more modest, from private to commercial – whether hotel, restaurant, business park, shopping centre or leisure complex.

As a further demonstration of the firm’s capabilities, its garden makeover programmes on TV, drew such audiences that further programmes are being considered. They also prompted a flood of enquiries from potential customers, both commercial and private, much to Jardim Vista’s gratification.

“At the end of the day” says Richard, “our success comes down to the success of our client relationships. We work extremely hard to understand their needs and their dreams and to give them what they want – and more – at an affordable price. With a good relationship, anything is possible. Dreams really can be satisfied.”

Great gardens also mean more than just aesthetic satisfaction. “Our experience” says Richard, “is that a beautifully designed and executed landscaping investment means significant asset value enhancement. Any Jardim Vista garden will easily pay back its cost, and more, by a handsome margin, an important issue for the commercial or private client alike”.

Creative, responsive, reliable, organized, and motivated, Jardim Vista stands to the fore as both landscaper of choice and as long term partner.

- Director - Born in Germany and educated in various European countries as well as in the USA, Alison is a true internationalist.
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