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New Private Hospital in Faro

By • Nov 23rd, 2009 • Category: Medical Services, Quinta News

Source: AFPOP

The Hospital Particular do Algarve in Alvor has completed the construction of their second facility in Faro and would like to invite all afpop members to visit the NEW hospital in Faro, which is being inaugurated on the 27 November 2009.

The Hospital is holding an “Open Day” event, where between 9am and 12am there will be hourly guided visits of all the installations, including the Operating Theatres. A welcome drink will be available.

So if you would like to take the opportunity to see the new private hospital and the facilities there simply take the road to the airport, follow the directions to the University of Faro and Gambelas and the hospital is situated one block before the University. There will be signs along the road to direct you. (For those with GPS the co-ordinates are: 37º 02’.43”N – 7º 58’.08”W)

24 Hour Emergency Number: 707 28 28 28

Link to the Hospital Particular do Algarve Website

Medical Services in the Quinta do Lago – Vale do Lobo Area

By • Feb 20th, 2009 • Category: Medical Services
  • National Emergency, Police and Ambulance and Fire Brigade – Tel.: 112
  • Faro District Hospital – Tel.: 289 891100
  • Private Hospital Faro – Tel.: 707 28 28 28
  • Private Hospital Alvor – Tel.: 282 420400
  • Private Santa Maria Hospital – Tel.: 289 892040
  • Quinta do Lago Medical Center – Tel.: 289 398411
  • Vale do Lobo Medical Center – Tel.: 289 398009
  • Dentist, Quinta Shopping – Tel.: 289 392339
  • Chemist, Quinta Shopping – Tel.: 289 392109
  • Chemist Nobre Passos, Almancil – Tel.: 289 391518