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Casa Pronta – Portuguese Land Registry

By • Jan 5th, 2009 • Category: Company News

From 2009 it’s possible to register (or to put a charge over) a property without having to go to the different departments (Finanças, notary, land registry), regardless of  the location of the property. 

This new service is called “Casa Pronta” and can be found in the Land Registry department (not yet in Faro district – coming soon)

Source: APEMIP

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One response to “Casa Pronta – Portuguese Land Registry”

  1. Colin Streeter says:

    Who owns these parcels of land? I bought and registered these parcels on 22.9.1986. However, another house has been built on part of this land.
    Vale de Engenho., Concelho : Lagoa., Freguesia : Lagoa., Seccao : S., Predio no. : 0124., Folha no . : 2.
    This parcel of land is sub-divided into land numbers : 0124, 1/124, 2CA/124,CA and 3/CA parcels.
    The other house has been built on the sub-divided parcel of land no. 3/CA and CA.
    Did their solicitor and their builder build on my land please? Or is there a mistake on my deeds?

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