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Bore hole licensing deadline

By • Apr 20th, 2010 • Category: Company News

The following information has been extracted from the AFPOP newsletter dated 2nd April 2010:

“Much has been said in the press about the law regarding the registration of bore holes and septic tanks.

This law was introduced in May 2007 under Decree-law 226-A/2007 but which has not been properly publicised until now. The law is based on a European Directive and aims to register all water resources in the country by legalising all water provision and disposal devices, which are not currently registered.

Under the law, all means of taking of water or disposing of waste water are required to be registered at Administração da Região Hidrográfica (ARH). This registration as far as it concerns septic tanks (fossas) applies only where the fossa is designed to empty into the water table or soil. Homes which have a septic tank that is emptied by bowser or other service are not affected under this legislation.

Besides the septic tanks and bore holes, if you have on your property: springs, rivers (any size) dams (barragens) reservoirs, lakes, ponds, wells etc., not yet registered and licensed you must also complete this registration before the end of May 2010.

Water storage such as cisternas and closed septic tanks that do not drain into the soil are not affected by this law.

Swimming pools have a license of their own and are not affected by this law.

The initial deadline for registration under this law was 31st May 2009. However, due to the ARH offices being inundated with applications, the Government decided to extend this deadline until 31st May 2010. Therefore, all requests for licensing must be completed by then.

Last year there was a report published in the newspapers that the registration of bore holes was only necessary for those with pumps over 5wp. We have contacted ARH and they have confirmed that the information for ALL water supplies is necessary; therefore, our advice to Members is that you should register your bore hole or septic tank to avoid any future problems.”

AFPOP is the Association for Foreign Residents and Property Owners in Portugal.

Please note that registration forms are available on the ARH website, http://www.arhalgarve.pt/site/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=79, but they are only available in the Portuguese language.

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