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Algarve best place in the world to retire

By • Aug 24th, 2016 • Category: Quinta Lifestyle

An American-based study the Live and Invest Overseas Index has ranked the Algarve as the best place in the world to retire.

Popular retirement spots around the world where assessed and it was concluded that the region has something for everyone from fantastic weather all year round, with the longest sunshine hours, and a welcoming expat community.

Second and third were Valetta in Malta and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

The Algarve offers very good medical facilities and health care, an affordable cost of living and bargain priced property for sale, which includes sea front properties as well as country side, offering a quality of life full of adventure and out door living.

Other advantages include the amount of English that is spoken in the Algarve thanks to the longstanding British presence, A First World infrastructure, a new retiree residency programme for foreign pensioners and easy access both from the United States and to and from all of Europe.

The 2016 Index is the most comprehensive country-by-country comparison ever produced. Americans are thereby encouraged to look at the Algarve where the strong dollar allows a retired couple to live on as little as US$1400 per month.

Crime and safety is another important criteria that is considered, where Portugal is the fifth most peaceful country in the world. In the Algarve crime has shown a decrease especially in the summer months as there is a increase in the number of police in the region.

Top of the list is the Algarve´s recreation, with some of the best courses in Europe and 85 of the beaches where awarded the blue flag.

This study was compiled after months of on-the-ground research with help from expats, experts and correspondents.


- Office Manager - Lina was born in Madeira but spent her formative years in England. In 1981 her family relocated to the Algarve because of its high quality of living and mild climate.
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